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Tools Direct Response

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  1. Dual Saw Destroyer

    When your offered the chance to shoot a spot that involves cutting object with a power tool at over 5000 frames per second with a Phantom Flex…you don’t ask questions. In reality, we helped the DualSaw team give their product a little bit of branded flair as they moved their product into retail. Super cool high speed cutting photography matched up with a misfit home improver creates a very memorable spot that encourages you to “destroy with a purpose!”

  2. Greenworks

    Kick the gas can to the curb! Greenworks is the first complete lawn care system to feature the power and run time of a 40v battery pack, giving it gas comparable power with zero emissions. Bluewater's own Brian Fasulo introduces the viewer to each of Greenworks' easy to use tools and shows how they can harness the power of 40 volts to revolutionize the way they take care of their lawn and garden.

  3. Power 8 Workshop

    This is truly one of the most complete power tool packages we've ever seen! The Power 8 Workshop transforms into a drill, drill press, saw, table saw, scroll saw, jig saw, flashlight and light table...and did we mention that ever tool is cordless? Straight from the BBC show Ground Force, host Tommy Walsh shows us how the Power 8 can help us renovate our home, fix those pesky problems we've been ignoring, and even build an adirondack chair to relax in when we're finished!

  4. Tie Boss

    Tie Boss takes anything you want to haul or hang...bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, kayaks...and puts them on lockdown. With just one pull, we show you how easy it is to clean up or tie down anything. From garage makeovers to securing a load of lumber...nothings difficult with the Tie Boss.

  5. Craftsman Steam Cleaner and Pressure Washer

    This spot combines the beauty of branding with the power of direct response. Created so that Sears and Craftsman could keep the signature look and feel of their traditional ads, we had a great time exceeding their expectations of what a direct response ad could be. Our client loved the demos that showed what the product could do without it feeling "in your face." Shot on an original RED, AVID Post, DaVinci Color Correction.

  6. Drain Doctor

    Drain Doctor is the safe, natural way to make sure your pipes are truly clear. Marc Gill introduces us to this great product with demos that show us why Drain Doctor isn't your typical drain cleaner.